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At Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home

Our comprehensive program aims to provide children with a nurturing and supportive environment, encompassing various aspects of their well-being. We strive to ensure each child’s holistic development and growth under our care through our Homelife, Health & Medical Services, Psycho-Social Care Services, Education, Alternative Family Care (Adoption), Reunification, and Spiritual Enhancement initiatives.


Creating a Loving and Secure Environment

Our Homelife services are designed to provide love, care, safety, and protection to the children in our care. We prioritize their basic needs and provide the following essentials:

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  • Formula Milk for Babies aged 0-2 years
  • Diapers
  • Clothing
  • Beddings
  • Toiletries and hygiene necessities
  • Toilet training for toddlers
  • Teaching children basic chores, personal hygiene, and self-care
  • Provision of balanced and nutritious meals for children aged 2-12 years


Ensuring Physical Well-being

We prioritize each child’s health and medical needs to support their physical growth and development. Our Health & Medical Services include:

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  • Monthly check-ups as needed
  • Immunizations
  • Medical laboratory tests when necessary
  • Surgeries when required
  • Provision of vitamins to boost the immune system and physical development
  • Prescription medicines to treat illnesses
  • Hospitalization if needed


We provide comprehensive psychosocial care services, including psychological assessments for children aged five years and above. 

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This enables us to identify and address behavioral concerns and delays in various child development domains, such as gross and fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, language development, self-help skills, social-emotional well-being, and spiritual and moral development. We offer interventions such as occupational, speech, and physical therapy to support children in overcoming specific challenges.


Empowering through Learning

Enhancing the learning capacities of our children and promoting their educational advancement is a crucial aspect of our program. We enroll children in public schools within the area for those in Grade 1 and above, coordinating closely with teachers and monitoring their academic and behavioral progress.

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We provide teaching and educational assistance, including:

  • School supplies
  • School uniforms
  • School shoes
  • Support for school projects
  • Enrollment fees

ALTERNATIVE FAMILY CARE (ADOPTION): Seeking the Best Interests of the Child

At Tahanan, we are committed to providing children with the best possible option for their well-being, including the possibility of placement through foster care or adoption. We ensure that caregivers assuming care, custody, protection, and maintenance of residents for adoption, guardianship, foster care, or kinship follow legal procedures under the law.

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REUNIFICATION: Striving for Family Reconciliation

Institutionalization should only be considered a last option for children. We conduct thorough assessments of the child and their family, exploring all avenues for family reconciliation. We collaborate closely with local government units to conduct evaluations of parental capabilities and seek assistance in facilitating family reunification.

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SPIRITUAL ENHANCEMENT: Nurturing Values and Character

We teach our children fundamental Christian values, cultivating a sense of love, compassion, and responsibility towards others and the community. We strive to instill strong moral and spiritual foundations in our children through various values formation activities at home and in collaboration with partner organizations.

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At Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home, we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for abandoned, neglected, and surrendered children. Our comprehensive programs and services aim to address their physical, emotional, and educational needs, helping them thrive and reach their full potential. Through the collective efforts of our dedicated team, supportive partnerships, and the love and care we provide, we strive to create a brighter future for each child under our care. Together, let us make a difference in the lives of these children and build a community that embraces and protects their rights. Come alongside us as we embark on a meaningful journey to bring hope, healing, and a nurturing home to those who need it the most.


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